The Two Kings Who Each Traveled A Great Distance To Settle A Very Silly Disagreement

by Duncan Jones

From very far away had come
Two kings who ruled the land
For word had traveled even farther
Through jungles, over sand

Not one would suffer insult
So they marched toward a test
One coming from the distant east
One coming from the west

Until one morning found the two
Had stopped and stared with pride
The only thing left in between …
The river deep and wide

“I hear you’ve claimed a thing of mine.”
“I’ve heard the same of you.”
And then in perfect harmony …
“So what about it shall we do?”

Then charging down the banks they leapt
And would have surely fought
But when the calm dark water moved
Each had a second thought

Sliding, clawing to halt they saw
A giant black and green
And though he floated smiling
His look was only mean

“What seems to be the trouble?”
As he slowly swung his tail
From neither king came anything
They just stood there looking pale

“If I may … I have a notion
Because to me it does appear
You’ve come to find out who’s in charge …
But I think the answer’s clear.”

And then the giant slowly sank
Once more the water still
While on the muddy banks the kings
Were scrambling uphill

And as the sated lions ran
Back to their kingdoms brave and wild
Underneath the calm dark water
The crocodile unmoving smiled