The Unreasonables

by Duncan Jones

Two flamingos fussed over plenty of food
The pink one was mad
And the thin one was rude
And the situation was deemed most unreasonable

Two elephants engaged, but never did wed
Said the big to the gray
"We'll need too big a bed!"
And the whole thing was a tremendous disaster

Two antelope accents were misunderstood
The fast one said, “happy”
The quick one said, “good”
And the short event was exceedingly boring

Two ladybugs danced ‘til they fell off a leaf
But both flew away
And avoided much grief
And they never found a soul who wanted to hear of it

Two lovely queens argued up high in a tree
The gold one a lion
The winged one a bee
And the committee decided it was completely unnecessary

A lobster and crab counted granules of sand
The clawed one lost count
The wet one was banned
And everything about it was a stunning waste of resources

Two zebras ran away fast from attack
The one was half white
The other half black
And a speedy deliberation saw that it was forgotten entirely

A peacock, a parrot, both put on a show
But alas, in the end
They both were told “no”
So in spectacular fashion the occasion was over