The Walrus And The Dream

by Duncan Jones

'Twas a day that I spent wandering
Or maybe a night that I dreamed
Of a crocodile friend who once gave some advice
But nothing was quite what it seemed ...

"Imagine that!" sat the gentleman
As he lifted his head from the trough
And the pigs with whom he was dining agreed
But the horse shook his head and took off

And nearby a dog caught a closer by cat
Who then threw a loud hissy fit
But the dog did no more than reach out a paw
And smiled and said, “Tag, you’re it!”

Then some birds in the tree laughed so hard
That one of them fell through the sky
"Oh no!" he yelled on his way to the ground
"I haven't yet learned how to fly!"

Well lucky for him, I caught him in time
Through the air I leaped and just flew
How surprised was I when I looked down to find
That I was a kangaroo!

Clapped the giant old walrus who saw the whole thing
"I say that’s a mighty good show!
But no good cafe was ever built in a day
And there’s one at the end of the row!

Hello! How are you? Grab a table for two
I’ve a secret that no one can keep
Hurry up now you’re about to wake up
Or maybe I’m just falling asleep!”

He salted his oysters with sugar and stated
(In dreams everything fits so well)
“I won’t leave you food, but I’ll leave you with this
Never pass up an ugly shell!

I too have met with your crocodile friend
Once I enjoyed coffee with him
It was he who told me, “If you don't like the land
Then you need only learn how to swim!”

The point being this, if you swing and you miss
You’re now well on your way to be king!
The only sure way to not make a mistake
Is to never do anything!

See that mountain goat on the rocks in the sky?
He never knows where the trail goes
But he always comes back with some marvelous tales
Can you imagine the stories he knows?”

(Mountain goat yelling back down from rocks ...)

“Cool’s just a guest at passion’s party
Don’t be afraid to keep climbing
Often the difference between genius and fool
Is no more than a matter of timing!”

(back to walrus ...)

“Ask the butterfly as she flutters by
For the mockingbirds scoffed her cocoon
But see her today, and we all know that they
Would be singing a different tune

Have you made time to chat with the the tortoise and hare?
I hear they’re the best of best friends
And now both of them say, ‘The winner today
Just depends on where the race ends!’

See, so many look to make sure many are lookin’
Don’t be like the peacock obsessing
With how to stand? Who to show? Green or blue? Yes or no?
(Because it’s only himself he’s impressing)

No matter how long you live life’s gonna be short
Only you can determine your pace
Sometimes all we need is a hug or a cheer
We might just be in the wrong race!”

Then he cracked open a shell with nothing inside
Which for some reason made him smile
"Was that one a waste? Don’t answer me yet!
Just think about it for a while!

'Tis a wonderful gift to not wonder, ‘What if?’
But how to know what to do or expect?
The real answer is this ... Nobody knows!
Either way is the way that’s correct!

So if you’re ready to jump but not sure that you’ll float
Just walk up to somebody and say,
"Hello! How are you? Sometimes dreams are true!
And today, my new friend, Is MY day!”

There will always be forks, there’s this path and that
And usually without any signs
So use what you’ve got, and know you’ve got a lot
And be sure that you have a good time!