The Wind And The Sand And The Weight

by Duncan Jones

The scale was tipped and favored
For one side, grounded, held a weight
While the other side held nothing
So empty was its plate

The wind did try and howled and cried
To move the iron, strong
But laughing loud the iron mocked
“You’re done here, move along!”

“Oh I will, but I’ll come back!”
The wind did dance and sing
“And when I do I promise you
You’ll not like what I bring!”

Now the wind is as wise as a thousand spies
And full of jokes and tricks
And never, ever tires ...
Quite fit for politics

So cleverly, the wind did swirl
Called a favor of the sand
And placed a lonely, single grain
In the scale’s so empty hand

“What is this?” The iron hissed
“A mighty weak attempt!”
“I’m not finished,” swirled the wind again
Ignoring such contempt

So there remained the single grain
Brought the wind a few more mates
"I think in time we have a chance
We band of many weights!"

The giant iron laughed again
At grains of sand three, four
“We’re not finished,” swirled the wind again
“I’ve invited many more!”

So the wind continued, filled the plate
A tinking, constant tinking
And when the metal covered up
It softened, no more clinking

"I see you now but hear you not!"
The weight said with disdain
"Perhaps you have grown tired
But the point you've made is plain."

One by one though gathered sand
So tortoise-like, unhurried
And the whispers of the grains on grains ...
"The weight's becoming worried!"

The conversation grew and grew
For minutes, hours, days
As the wind and sand moved onward
Dedicated, no delays

Then after short eternity
One moment heard a novel sound ...
The slightest creaking of the scale
And the weight was off the ground

Friends never doubt yourself at all
That you might inspire change
Remember ...
It is only wind and sand and time
That raze the mountain range

So if you face a mighty task
And it seems as though hope’s gone
Well, then, you simply are not finished
Stand up straight and carry on!