The Wolves Come In The Wind

by Duncan Jones

“Tell me what you all think! I want to be pink!”
Said the flamingo spreading his wings
“Call me boring, they may, but I want to be gray!”
Said the rhino organizing his things

“I want to be green, like the leaves, be unseen!”
Said the snake way up high in the branches
“Mottled brown like the ground and not easily found!”
Said the wildebeest taking no chances

“So Zebra now choose! You have no time to lose!”
They all said, “Hurry make up your mind!
Because colored like this no lion will miss
You’ll be far too easy to find!

You can’t fly away! You also can’t stay
To fight golden eyes and their claws
You can’t climb the trees! We are begging you, please!
So you don’t end up caught by those jaws!”

Zebra said, “Yes it’s true, but I just don’t want to
Spend my time always trying to hide
I’ll just have to run fast through the tall yellow grass
Because right now I just can’t decide ...

Dull or bright? Day or night? Dark or light? Black or white?
I want to be something unique!
Though it might not be fair I won’t live my life scared!
I don’t care if I’m easy to seek!”

“You will surely stand out when you’re walking about
You must know you’ll be tried and be tested
This is even known well by the lightning gazelle!”
Smiled the zebra, “Well ... Challenge accepted!”