The Young Man With No Plan

by Duncan Jones

There was once a young man
Who did not have a plan
And did not know where he would land
He thought and he thought
And was a wee bit distraught
Because he was stuck running in sand

His friends had moved out
They were off on their own
While he was still living at home
He looked for a job
And tried this and that
But his mind continued to roam

With a pen and a pad
One day he sat down
Determined to sort his life out
And he drew up some drawings
And thought up some thoughts
And sat there thinking out loud

He thought and he drew
Soon he had a whole slew
Of ideas and pictures galore
Then one day he stopped
And said, “That’s enough!
I should try to sell these in a store.”

So he put them on shirts
And the shirts in some stores
With a message to love the outdoors
And now the young man
Who did not have a plan
Is much more content than before

He does what he loves
And he loves what he does
And that, so far, is the story
Of a young man with no plan
And nowhere to land
Who decided to start his own brand

So ...

If you’re stuck in a rut
Or lost some of your strut
It’s ok! Our friend was there too
Just do what you like
And like what you do
Because that is the answer for you!