Well I Buried My Sweet Love

by Duncan Jones

Well I buried my sweet love
Where the wild wildflowers grow
And when they asked me where she was
I told em "I don't know"

I knew that he still loved her
Assumed he always would
But I'd die before he had her
So I did what I thought I should

Well he was one of those
Who did not agree with me
And was a judge and locked me up
And threw away the key

He said that he could find it
When I could just say where
He said it was a fair trade
But I'm still sittin' here

It's ok though time is tickin'
And time's great for a plan
No it won't be long 'til I'm with her
And in another land

I'll dig up my sweet love
All six million pieces
And then I'll probably change my name
In case somebody sees us