When Life's Keeping Score

by Duncan Jones

The giant lion strolled his ground
The cubs looked on in awe
Then tried their best to puff their chest
And walk like him, the law

The mothers pulled them back though
Sharing not in their elation
This night was only for the king
There would be a confrontation

He nodded at his nearby pride
As he waited in the night
For sometimes kings do easy things
And sometimes they must fight

And when appeared the challenger
His pride stepped back and sighed
Whoever said, "Was no big deal"
Had obviously lied

The challenger was massive
Younger, bigger, faster, stronger
His golden fur shone under stars
His claws were even longer ...

And then was time, the pride did turn
No need to watch the show
The morning sun would tell everyone
Everything they needed to know

And when the morning light did shine
There stood the king they knew
"What happened!?" asking, jumped the cubs
Tell us! What did you do?!?”

The king dropped down onto the ground
And rolled and stretched and smiled
"Nothing much," he winked at the queens
"I ... introduced him to the wild

See, sometimes it matters who's stronger
And it sure helps to be well rehearsed
But when life's keeping score, what helps even more
Is to just be the one who hits first"