When The Forest Whispers

by Duncan Jones

The night was feeling different
For a restlessness had come
And in the snow was heard a sound
The running of someone ...

Owl turned her head in keeping watch
Ever silent and aware
Then rushed a gust, and flurries flew up
Followed by a hare

Hare had a look about him
Had been running all night long
Owl knew at once and turned and jumped
And into the night was gone

She sailed on in the darkness
Racing, perfect in her flight
Spreading word across the woods
“You cannot stay tonight!

Wake up and run, the hunters come!”
And the forest came alive
It was the rarest call of all reserved
For when a certain few arrive

So they left their trees and burrows
They left the forest floor
And on to places far away
As only heard of done before

The sharp teeth ran with antlers
Wings led the way ahead
The only thought was, “Faster!”
As together they all fled

There are some who stand and challenge man
With his horses, guns, and wagons
But no one dares to hold their ground
When the forest whispers, “... dragons ...”