When You're Not Around

by Duncan Jones

When you’re not around
Well this is how it feels
I’m a fast race car
But I got no wheels

I’m a chocolate chip cookie
With no chocolate chips
I’m the captain of a fleet
But I got no ships

I’m the key to a door
That’s got no lock
I’m a running sheep dog
But I got no flock

What I want you to hear
What I’m trying to say
Is that every single minute
You make my day

And on those nights
When you’re not in my room
I play a good song
And I dance with a broom

Because nobody else
Compares to the girl
Who’s sweet as sugar
And pretty as a pearl

If you cut your hair
And dyed it blue
Then I’d do it too
Just to be like you

And even when you say
That I make you mad
You’re talkin’ ‘bout me
So it makes me glad

There’s not one thing
That could make me not miss
The only sweet girl
That I want to kiss!