Wild Dreams

by Duncan Jones

I used to have wild dreams that I would one day be a beast
But then I met the wild man, and I came to understand
Now it's different just to say the least

Used to play like it mattered, that maybe I'd not grown up
And I ran real fast so I wouldn't be last
Just a way for me to never own up

You might see him in the night time, always ready for a fight time
Waitin' in the tall grass all alone, that's where he's home

Oh it's fun for a short while, always flashin' that wry smile
Runnin' in the night time all alone, but then how to get home?

Still I find myself called back ... to the tall grass, out of sight
Because what bothers me is he doesn't want to be me
He runs fast in the middle of the night

I try to talk to him now and then, but I'm never sure if he's heard
Something big is out there with him so he doesn't really listen
And in my dream it's always kind of blurred

Wake up! Time to work, work, work! Don't you wanna be a well paid clerk?
Sittin' at the big desk all alone, even working from home

It makes me think about a wild place, no longer sure about my place
And even if I go alone ... I'm going home

Again, looking for the wild man, I wonder about where he's gone
But when he turns my way I've got nothing to say
And soon is gonna come the dawn

I am there in the tall grass, I see the light in his eyes is dim
And I slowly understand that I am the wild man
And I realize that I could’ve been him