A Lot To Learn

A Place That's Quite Funny

All The Wild Must Know

Almost Had A Chance

An Elegant And Rather Heated Conversation

And Soon The Two Would Meet

Another's Game

Anthem Of The Savanna

Anthem Of The Scavengers

Belle, The Cat

Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Fast Flash

Five Ten And A Half When I Got My Shoes On

Gingerbread Man

Happy Mother's Day

Her First Day Of The Show

Her Hair Was

High Upon The Big Gray Backs

I Am The Everything Wild

I Don't Have To Pray

I Once Met A Huge Crocodile

I Saw A Fox One Winter Night

I'm A Dragon! I'm A Lion! I'm Love! I'm Fire!

I’m Gonna Shoot Back

If I Were A Frog

If No One's Told A Story, You Must Tell

If You Want To Wear Spots

Impeccable Taste

It's A Long Night Comin' 'Til The Morning Sun

It's Time You Grab Your Horses And Run

Keeping Up Appearances

La Mexicana And The Scot

Ladybug Green

Leaves On The Trees

Let My Shades Drop Down

Little Blue Subaru

Livin’ On Vacation

Long Live The King

Love Me I’m Priceless

Menda Perez

Micah, Oh Micah

Must Be Looked At

Never Alone

Number Nine

Oh If I Could

Once Upon A Time A Lion Loved A Gazelle

One Day, When The Sun Was Hot

Out In The Waves

Perfect Johnny

Perfect Perfect Faster Faster

Quite Possibly The Sweetest Story Ever Told

Reply To The Laddies

So This One Time

Somewhere The Sun Had Finally Won

Sweet Brittany-Lou


Talk Of The Wild

Tell Me Now

That's My Show

The Arrow And The Wind

The Beach

The Beast Who Owns The Night

The Bird Feeder And The Squirrels

The Beautiful Wings And The Dragonflies

The Champions Of Late

The Chant Of The Gazelle

The Chase Was On

The Cheetah Who Would Be King

The Color Garden

The Creature In The Cave

The Cricket And The Scorpion

The Crossing

The Dangerous Cycle

The Day They Came

The Details Matter

The Dragon And The Whale And The Brave Little Girl (dark version)

The Dragon And The Whale And The Brave Little Girl (happy version)

The Dreaming Tree

The Ever-Warring Two Birds

The Fire Tails

The Giant

The Golden Rule

The Good Dog

The Good Life

The Gorilla And The Ladybug

The Great Feast

The Great Mistake

The Happiest Man

The Hyena And The King

The Idle Commentary Of Your Girl

The Interview

The Jungle's Prince

The King And The Beast

The King Changes His Mind

The King Was In The Tall Grass

The King's Lament

The Lady On Safari

The Last Race

The Lion And The Buffalo

The Lion And The Zebra

The Lost One

The Mantis And The Ant

The Most Beautiful Thing

The New King

The Night Before Christmas, Bro
The Sudden And Very Honest Confession Of A Hot Shot Gazelle Who No Longer Cares About Being Thought Of As Tough Or Cool

The Two Kings Who Each Traveled A Great Distance To Settle A Very Silly Disagreement

The Wind And The Sand And The Weight
The Wise King
When You're Not Around
Wild Dreams
You Need Only Do One Thing Well