You Need Only Do One Thing Well

by Duncan Jones

“The tiger’s a god, the lion’s a king
Leopards vanish into thin air
Hyenas, wild dogs, and crocodiles
They’re the ones whom you’d better beware!”

So when this one’s about there is hardly a shout
The stripes and horns never shall fret
And when asked of why not, they all laugh a lot
“Forgive us, but he is no threat!

No not very strong, and built a bit long
And for certain no good in a fight
No menacing jaws, and no vicious claws
And skittish and rather uptight

The sound of his roar is really quite poor
For he’s small and he’s far too thin
Yes wiry, lean, and not at all mean
And spotted from tail to chin!”

Well despite what they say, one stands far away
And quietly raises a toast
“No they may not think much of the cheetah
But he’s the one I think of most!”

So let him serve as a reminder
That you need only do one thing well
Because under the sun there lives only one
Who has ever run down the gazelle!